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Support Needed from Ohio for the Biodiesel Tax Incentive
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Contacts with Ohio House and Senate offices are needed this week on an important issue for soybean farmers. Please email Sens. Brown and Portman and Reps. Renacci and Tiberi and ask each to co-sponsor the bill from Sens. Grassley of Iowa and Cantwell of Washington, as well as Reps. Noem of South Dakota and Pascrell of New Jersey that will change the Biodiesel Tax Credit from a blender's to a producer's credit.

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Support Needed from Ohio for the Biodiesel Tax Incentive
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I am writing to ask your support for a critical reform to the biodiesel tax incentive that will cut costs and ensure that this important tax incentive is supporting American biodiesel production and jobs instead of encouraging imports from overseas.

This reform, championed by Sens. Grassley and Cantwell and Reps. Noem and Pascrell, would convert the incentive from a blenderís credit to a domestic production credit. Under the current blenderís structure, foreign-produced biodiesel that is blended in the US is eligible for the $1 per gallon tax credit. This has caused imports to sharply increase in recent years to a record of some 670 million gallons last year Ė costing the US Treasury some $670 million.

Most of these imports already receive significant incentives in their home countries, allowing them to undercut US producers and take US market share. This has created a perverse effect under which US tax policy aimed at incentivizing domestic jobs and economic activity is actually giving foreign producers an advantage over American companies.

We are calling on Congress to close this loophole and refocus the tax incentive on US production and jobs. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, this reform would save US taxpayers $90 million as imports are reduced and domestic production grows.

With more than 3 billion gallons of installed production capacity, the domestic biodiesel industry has tremendous capacity for growth from last yearís domestic production of about 1.4 billion gallons. Increased production will help achieve a variety of bipartisan goals, including ending our dependence on global oil markets and pricing schemes, reducing harmful and costly pollution, and strengthening U.S. energy security by diversifying fuel supplies and refining capacity.

The current blenderís incentive is slated to expire at the end of 2016. As a stakeholder in the biodiesel industry, I urge you to support legislation to extend and reform this important incentive as a domestic producerís credit. To cosponsor this effort, please contact Kurt Kovarik in the office of Sen. Grassley; Artie Mandel in the office of Sen. Cantwell; Andrew Christianson in the office of Rep. Noem; or Elaina Houser in the office of Rep. Pascrell.
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