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Capwiz·XC Features

Capwiz·XC Demo sites

Capwiz·XC can be used to built different variations of advocacy sites: federal, multi-state, single state, single issue sites, and so on. For examples of these sites please see here.


Sidebar with a list of client alerts or elected officials search box can be added to many internal pages.

Flexible Home page

Basic clients now have basic home page that mimics look and feel of old CapWiz home page.

Standard clients can choose from a few different home page designs:

  • Default home page should work for almost all clients. The page displays featured alert and other client's alerts, elected official's search box and links to different areas of the site.
  • Action home page works best for clients who posts many alerts.
  • Legislation home page was designed for clients who want to feature specific bill and/or doesn't have many alerts on their site.
  • Membership home page will suit clients who want to grow their user base.
  • Officials home page is for clients who're primarily interested in providing information about elected officials to their users.

Standard clients can also choose basic home page, if desired. All home page can be customized by clients themselves. Even more, the clients can create their own custom home pages.

Activist Photo Album
One of the most interesting and not very well known features of Congress.org is Activist Photo Album. Every user who sends a message to elected official have an option to include his/her picture and provide short comment about the picture. The photo album page displays all submitted pictures with their comments in chronological order.

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