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Vietnam Veterans of America - Legislative Alert
July 19, 2017

The Administration proposed FY2018 budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs includes legislative language that would cap the Individual Unemployability Benefits (IU) for veterans rated at 60 to 100 percent disabled at age 62, thus eliminating the IU benefit for veterans currently receiving Social Security.

Vietnam Veterans of America is extremely alarmed by this provision in the budget proposal, because this is the opposite of what President Trump promised veterans. This budget proposal would impact nearly every Vietnam-era veteran and his/her family whose survival depends on the income received from these benefits.

According to the budget proposal, this provision would save the VBA Compensation and Pensions account an estimated $3.2 billion in 2018; $17.9 billion over five years; and $40.8 billion over ten years. The saving would fund the Veterans Choice Program, a confusing program which most veterans do not support as they prefer treatment at their designated VA Medical Centers.

Vietnam Veterans of America founding principle is “Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans abandons another,” and we strongly oppose this proposal by the Trump Administration.
VVA urges you to  click on the take action now!  enter our Zip Code, and send the prepared letter, requesting your Member of Congress vote “NO” on the proposed cuts to the congressionally mandated Individual Unemployability benefits. Our nation should not be funding government programs on the backs of those who stood in harm’s way in defense of the U.S. Constitution, our veterans.

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