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Senate Schedule for APRIL 23, 2018
Pompeo/Foreign Service Nominations

APRIL 23, 2018 -- Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn.) markup to vote on the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be secretary of State; Thomas J. Hushek to be ambassador to South Sudan; Kirsten Dawn Madison to be an assistant secretary of State for international narcotics and law enforcement affairs; and Foreign Service Lists: Robert F. Grech, dated January 8, 2018 (PN 1436-2); Karen S. Sliter, et al., dated February 13, 2018 (PN 1634); Tuyvan Nguyen, dated March 12, 2018 (PN 1742); Benjamin Thomas Ardell, et al., dated March 12, 2018 (PN 1744), as modified; and Abigail Marie Nguema, dated March 12, 2018 (PN 1745).
Senate Committees:

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