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Action Alert
Background: The Pentagon recently announced the creation of "The Distinquished Warfare Medal," which will recognize service members with special training and capabilities that directly impact military operations, regardless of their distance from the battlefield.  The newly created medal would outrank the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.  The VFW immediately came out in opposition of the placement of the medal.  We believe it is very important to properly recognize all who serve and excel, but the new medal could spark internal debate and deteriorate morale as it leapfrogs more than a dozen current medals and ribbons - to include valor and combat injury awards.
Action Needed:  Bills have been introduced in both the House (H.R. 833) and the Senate (S. 470) and have the strong support of the VFW.  Contact your Representatives and Senators today and urge them to support H.R. 833 and S. 470 -  legislation that would prohibut DOD from placing the Distinguished Warfare Medal higher in precedent than the Purple Heart.
Tell them that medals that are earned for valor or wounds in combat must outrank any new medals earned in the rear for combat support.
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