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Action Alert
VFW Legislative Alert:  Pass Critical Veterans' Employment Legislation Now
S.3234, The Veterans Employment Assistance Act of 2010 contains key provisions that will put veterans back to work.  The bill will improve training, provide placement services, small business opportunities for veterans and ease unemployment for those hardest hit - OEF and OIF service members.  VFW was instrumental in drafting many of the provisions in the bill designed to help veterans in these tough economic times - but we need your help to get it passed!
Take Action:
VFW asks you to call or write (a sample letter is provided) your Senators today - urge them to support and pass this legislation. Tell them that millions of veterans are counting on the provisions in this bill to help them find meaningful employment, open businesses and simplify certification and training programs for recently separated OIF/OEF veterans.
The bill will also make needed improvement and enhancements to the Transition Assistance Program to better meet the needs of members of the Armed Forces and veterans.
Tell them, S.3234 will provide jobs, training and recovery for veterans and their families.
Urge them to pass the bill now - our veterans and current service members are counting on it!
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