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Address: 301 6th Avenue North
Phone: (615) 741-2251   Website:
John Crawford Rep.
John Crawford (REP-TN-1st)
Vice Chair
Dave Wright Rep.
Dave Wright (REP-TN-19th)
Republicans (10)
Rep. Rick Tillis (REP-TN-92nd)
Rep. Dale Carr (REP-TN-12th)
Rep. Mike Carter (REP-TN-29th)
Rep. Ron Travis (REP-TN-31st)
Rep. Kent Calfee (REP-TN-32nd)
Rep. Jerome Moon (REP-TN-8th)
Rep. Esther Helton (REP-TN-30th)
Rep. Curtis Johnson (REP-TN-68th)
Rep. Robert Ramsey (REP-TN-20th)
Rep. Tim Rudd (REP-TN-34th)
Democrats (3)
Rep. London Lamar (DEM-TN-91st)
Rep. Yusuf Hakeem (DEM-TN-28th)
Rep. Bob Freeman (DEM-TN-56th)

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