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Transportation Committee
Address: 301 6th Avenue North
Phone: (615) 741-1934   Website:
Dan Howell Rep.
Dan Howell (REP-TN-22nd)
Vice Chair
Bruce Griffey Rep.
Bruce Griffey (REP-TN-75th)
Republicans (6)
Rep. Martin Daniel (REP-TN-18th)
Rep. Sam Whitson (REP-TN-65th)
Rep. Dale Carr (REP-TN-12th)
Rep. Terri Weaver (REP-TN-40th)
Rep. Lowell Russell (REP-TN-21st)
Rep. Bill Dunn (REP-TN-16th)
Democrats (4)
Rep. G.A. Hardaway (DEM-TN-93rd)
Rep. Jason Potts (DEM-TN-59th)
Rep. Joe Towns (DEM-TN-84th)
Rep. London Lamar (DEM-TN-91st)

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