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Action Alert

Dear Friends,

Isn’t it time to give people with developmental disabilities and their families the power to take charge of their own services and supports?

Senate Bill 468 by Senator Bill Emmerson will create a statewide self-determination program as an alternative to the traditional method of providing services. Consumers and families could choose the service providers they want. They wouldn’t have to pick from the regional centers’ lists of approved vendors.

The bill is in the hands of Senate leader Darrell Steinberg. Pleased take 45 seconds TODAY to send him an email supporting the bill. Just click on the blue “Take Action” button in the upper right of this Action Alert, scroll down to the bottom (after you see this same Action Alert again), fill in your name and address if they’re not already, and click to send.

This is called point-and-click advocacy. One email is a lot less effective than one call or letter, but hundreds of emails will get their attention. So we’re going for numbers. Please take a few seconds to send your email today.

Thank you for your advocacy.


PS. And please send this Action Alert to anybody you know who might like the idea of self-determination.

Greg deGiere

Public Policy Director

The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration

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