Write to Your Local Media About SkillsUSA Week

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Write to Your Local Media About SkillsUSA Week

Dear Active Advisors and Supporters:

Following is a template to let your local media outlets know about SkillsUSA Week (Feb. 3-9) as well as Career and Technical Education Month all February.

Thousands of local SkillsUSA chapters are joining more than 50 state associations for SkillsUSA Week. The annual celebration represents over 360,000 SkillsUSA members nationwide and promotes career and technical education. The week highlights the benefits of the SkillsUSA program in developing personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics. More than 4,000 schools are expected to participate this year.

SkillsUSA Week is a great time to take a field trip to local businesses to develop partnerships, hold an open house for parents or industry partners, hold a community service event to benefit local charities, visit local community organizations to make a brief presentation about SkillsUSA, or provide news releases to local media outlets for possible distribution. These activities all help raise awareness of SkillsUSA and the benefits of career and technical education.

The letter template is editable, and we suggest you personalize your message as much as possible with details about your school, training programs and activities for SkillsUSA Week. If you are planning specific activities for SkillsUSA Week, please be sure to invite the news media to attend.

Thanks for being an advocate for SkillsUSA and career and technical education. Share your news stories with the SkillsUSA headquarters by emailing stories or links to Jane Short at jshort@skillsusa.org.

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