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Take Action Media Action: Urge Lawmakers to Protect Critical Anti-Poverty Programs
Speak out to Defend Health and Nutrition Policies Against Devastating Changes

With a new Congress and President, millions of Americans are asking “what comes next?” Unfortunately, Congressional leaders are working to dismantle health coverage for millions and will attempt to make radical changes to the social safety net, dismantling programs such as SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) and Medicaid that allow millions of people to make ends meet every year.

Census Bureau data shows that almost 1 in 7 Americans is below the poverty line. The good news is that federal anti-poverty programs have allowed millions of Americans to move out of poverty, cutting poverty almost in half. We cannot let Congress risk this progress. Use a letter to the editor to remind Congress that they must reinforce, not rip apart, the programs that help millions of low-income Americans make ends meet.

TAKE ACTION: Tailor our template letter to the editor calling on Congress to protect and strengthen the country’s safety net. 

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