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Take Action Request Face-to-Face Meetings with Members of Congress to Discuss Ending Poverty in America
Now is a critical time to discuss critical anti-poverty policies like SNAP and EITC

One of the most effective actions activists can take to make sure Congress works to reduce hunger and poverty is to meet face-to-face with senators and representatives, along with candidates, at home — and with the new Congress, now is the perfect time to request a meeting with new and returning policymakers. Edit the message provided below and then send your written request directly to the scheduler in your representative and senators’ offices to schedule a conversation about our current U.S. anti-poverty campaigns

Contact the RESULTS office and we can also put you in touch with one of our RESULTS groups to coordinate your meeting request. And, check out these tips on how to have successful face-to-face meetings with representatives and senators and how to raise poverty issues at town hall meetings and other public forums.

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