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Penn State Grassroots Network

Grassroots Network

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Congressional Directory
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Professional Licensure Committee
David Hickernell Rep.
David Hickernell (REP-PA-98th)
Min. Chair
Harry Readshaw Rep.
Harry Readshaw (DEM-PA-36th)
Republicans (14)
Rep. Stephen Barrar (REP-PA-160th)
Rep. Rosemary Brown (REP-PA-189th)
Rep. Lynda Culver (REP-PA-108th)
Rep. Gary Day (REP-PA-187th)
Rep. Joe Emrick (REP-PA-137th)
Rep. Keith Gillespie (REP-PA-47th)
Rep. John Lawrence (REP-PA-13th)
Rep. Tom Mehaffie (REP-PA-106th)
Rep. Steven Mentzer (REP-PA-97th)
Rep. Michael Peifer (REP-PA-139th)
Rep. Todd Polinchock (REP-PA-144th)
Rep. Curtis Sonney (REP-PA-4th)
Rep. Wendi Thomas (REP-PA-178th)
Rep. Tarah Toohil (REP-PA-116th)
Democrats (9)
Rep. Donna Bullock (DEM-PA-195th)
Rep. Margo Davidson (DEM-PA-164th)
Rep. Tina Davis (DEM-PA-141st)
Rep. Martin Flynn (DEM-PA-113th)
Rep. Anita Kulik (DEM-PA-45th)
Rep. Brandon Markosek (DEM-PA-25th)
Rep. Kyle Mullins (DEM-PA-112th)
Rep. Adam Ravenstahl (DEM-PA-20th)
Rep. Michael Schlossberg (DEM-PA-132nd)

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