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Penn State Grassroots Network

Grassroots Network

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Congressional Directory
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Education Committee
Curtis Sonney Rep.
Curtis Sonney (REP-PA-4th)
Min. Chair
James Roebuck Rep.
James Roebuck (DEM-PA-188th)
Republicans (14)
Rep. Rosemary Brown (REP-PA-189th)
Rep. Valerie Gaydos (REP-PA-44th)
Rep. Mark Gillen (REP-PA-128th)
Rep. David Hickernell (REP-PA-98th)
Rep. Mike Jones (REP-PA-93rd)
Rep. Joshua Kail (REP-PA-15th)
Rep. Jerry Knowles (REP-PA-124th)
Rep. Jason Ortitay (REP-PA-46th)
Rep. Mike Puskaric (REP-PA-39th)
Rep. Meghan Schroeder (REP-PA-29th)
Rep. Craig Staats (REP-PA-145th)
Rep. Mike Tobash (REP-PA-125th)
Rep. Jesse Topper (REP-PA-78th)
Rep. Barbara Gleim (REP-PA-199th)
Democrats (9)
Rep. Edward Gainey (DEM-PA-24th)
Rep. Carol Hill-Evans (DEM-PA-95th)
Rep. MaryLouise Isaacson (DEM-PA-175th)
Rep. Patty Kim (DEM-PA-103rd)
Rep. Maureen Madden (DEM-PA-115th)
Rep. Steve McCarter (DEM-PA-154th)
Rep. Daniel Miller (DEM-PA-42nd)
Rep. Gerald Mullery (DEM-PA-119th)
Rep. Jared Solomon (DEM-PA-202nd)

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