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Penn State Grassroots Network

Grassroots Network

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Congressional Directory
All Committees >
Appropriations Committee
Stanley Saylor Rep.
Stanley Saylor (REP-PA-94th)
Min. Chair
Matthew Bradford Rep.
Matthew Bradford (DEM-PA-70th)
Republicans (21)
Rep. Rosemary Brown (REP-PA-189th)
Rep. Lynda Culver (REP-PA-108th)
Rep. Sheryl Delozier (REP-PA-88th)
Rep. George Dunbar (REP-PA-56th)
Rep. Jonathan Fritz (REP-PA-111th)
Rep. Matt Gabler (REP-PA-75th)
Rep. Keith Greiner (REP-PA-43rd)
Rep. Seth Grove (REP-PA-196th)
Rep. Marcia Hahn (REP-PA-138th)
Rep. Doyle Heffley (REP-PA-122nd)
Rep. R. Lee James (REP-PA-64th)
Rep. John Lawrence (REP-PA-13th)
Rep. Jason Ortitay (REP-PA-46th)
Rep. Clint Owlett (REP-PA-68th)
Rep. Chris Quinn (REP-PA-168th)
Rep. Greg Rothman (REP-PA-87th)
Rep. Jim Struzzi (REP-PA-62nd)
Rep. Jesse Topper (REP-PA-78th)
Rep. Ryan Warner (REP-PA-52nd)
Rep. Jeff Wheeland (REP-PA-83rd)
Rep. Martina White (REP-PA-170th)
Democrats (14)
Rep. Donna Bullock (DEM-PA-195th)
Rep. Morgan Cephas (DEM-PA-192nd)
Rep. Carolyn Comitta (DEM-PA-156th)
Rep. Austin Davis (DEM-PA-35th)
Rep. Maria Donatucci (DEM-PA-185th)
Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler (DEM-PA-184th)
Rep. Martin Flynn (DEM-PA-113th)
Rep. Edward Gainey (DEM-PA-24th)
Rep. Patty Kim (DEM-PA-103rd)
Rep. Stephen Kinsey (DEM-PA-201st)
Rep. Leanne Krueger (DEM-PA-161st)
Rep. Steve McCarter (DEM-PA-154th)
Rep. Benjamin Sanchez (DEM-PA-153rd)
Rep. Peter Schweyer (DEM-PA-22nd)

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