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“While we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Rom. 5:8

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Take Action Tell Congress: Stop Supporting Destruction in Yemen

Yemen continues to be the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. For nearly 4 years, the US has been backing a UAE and Saudi-Led intervention in Yemen’s civil war. Across the four years, the Saudi-led coalition has routinely targeted civilians and non-military infrastructure with their airstrikes. Alongside the direct civilian deaths, which have included such targets as a school bus with 40 children, the bombings have caused a famine and an unprecedented cholera outbreak. 

According to the Yemen Data Project, Saudi and Emirati aircraft have conducted over 18,500 air raids on Yemen since the war began—an average of over 14 attacks every day for over 1,300 days. Between March 2015 and August 2018 the United Nations documented over 17,000 civilian casualties

Congress has never authorized America’s involvement in this war in Yemen, yet  the United States has fueled the conflict and the suffering of Yemeni civilians by providing mid-air refueling to coalition jets, sharing intelligence for targeting assistance, and selling weapons to the Saudi-led coalition – all assistance that is used in the coalition’s bombing campaign that has killed thousands of civilians and directly contributed to the humanitarian crisis. It’s time for the United States to end this unauthorized war in Yemen once and for all.

Ask your Senators to co-sponsor and support Senate Joint Resolution 54 and ask your Representatives to support House Continuing Resolution 138. Both resolutions end U.S. military involvement in the war. Without US support, the Saudi coalition will not be able to continue their war against Yemini civilians.

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