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Fiscal 2004 State Department Authorization (S. 925) - Global Gag Rule amendment

Senate Roll Call No. 267
108th Congress, 1st Session

Rejected: 43-53 (see complete tally)

Lugar (R-IN) motion to table ("kill") the Boxer (D-CA) amendment overturning the global gag

rule. The Boxer amendment would prohibit the President from refusing to fund foreign NGOs

solely because they provide medical services, including counseling and referral, that are legal in their countries and are legal in the United States and from imposing free speech restrictions on foreign NGOs not imposed on U.S. organizations receiving assistance under the foreign aid

program. (When the Lugar motion to table was defeated, the Boxer amendment was approved by unanimous consent.)


A "nay" vote was a vote in favor of U.S. population assistance.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 267
Votes For : 43
Votes Against : 53
Not Voting : 4

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