Nullification of Obama pro-abortion Title X rule

Senate Roll Call No. 101
115th Congress, 1st Session

Passed: 51-50 (see complete tally)
Title X of the Public Health Service Act is a major federal "family planning" program, currently funded at about $286 million annually.  In 2016, the Obama Administration issued a regulation to prevent individual states from redirecting funds away from Title X away from providers deemed unsuitable, such as Planned Parenthood.  Under a law called the Congressional Review Act, Congress has the power to nullify such agency regulations under certain circumstances.  H.J.Res. 43, sponsored by Rep. Diane Black (R-Tn.) and supported by National Right to Life, employed this Congressional Review Act authority to nullify the Obama Title X regulation, and thereby restore the previous authority of states to direct Title X funds to the providers that they deem suitable.  (A companion resolution, S.J.Res. 13, was introduced by pro-life Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa.)  On February 16, 2017, H.J. Res. 43 passed the House of Representatives (see the House roll call here.)  Six weeks later, the Senate passed the pro-life resolution on a roll call vote of 51-50, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking a tie to pass the resolution; the roll call is shown in column #1 in this scorecard.  The pro-life resolution was supported by 50 Republican senators, plus Pence; it was opposed by all 48 Senate Democrats and by two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski (R-Ak.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine).  (March 30, 2017, Senate roll call no. 101.)  President Trump signed the resolution into law on April 13, 2017.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 101
Votes For : 51
Votes Against : 50

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