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Action Alert
MARCH 23, 2011

The Issue: Amending the Internal Revenue Code to allow employers to claim the work opportunity credit for hiring Ready Reserve and National Guard employees

Immediate Action Required:  Contact your Senators and Representatives to urge them to support the Hire a Hero Act, S. 367 and H.R. 743, that would allow employers to claim the work opportunity credit for hiring employees who are members of the Ready Reserve or National Guard

Congress needs to address the unemployment rate for the National Guard and Reserve which persists at greater than 20% according to the Civilian Employment Information (CEI) and the Status of Forces Survey for the Reserve Components.

Section 51 of the Internal Revenue Code encourages the hiring of veterans and other targeted employees by giving employers a “work opportunity credit” of up to 50% of wages paid. Unfortunately, members of the National Guard and Reserve are not included in this class of target employees despite their unacceptably high rate of unemployment.

To help alleviate unemployment for Guard and Reserve members, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has introduced the Hire a Hero Act, S. 367, in the Senate and Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) has introduced the same bill in the House, H.R.743. The Hire a Hero Act would allow employers to claim the work opportunity credit for hiring members of the National Guard and Reserve.

Contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to support S.347 and H.R.743. In addition to using the “Write to Congress” feature, which can be found on our Web site at www.ngaus.org/writetocongress, contact the local district office of your Senators and Representative to express your concerns in this matter and attend a town hall or district meeting in your area to speak up for the National Guard. Your email, letter, call or presence could make the difference.


By using the “Write to Congress” feature on the NGAUS Web site at www.ngaus.org/writetocongress, you can IMMEDIATELY e-mail your elected representatives.  A sample letter is included in our “Write to Congress” feature. You can e-mail the pre-written message or edit the sample letter as you desire.  This is the quickest and most effective method of expressing your views to Congress. Also, contact your friends and family and urge them to "Write to Congress" as well. For more in-depth information and background visit our web site at www.ngaus.org. Please direct any questions concerning this issue to Pete Duffy, NGAUS Deputy Legislative Director at 202-454-5307 or via email at pete.duffy@ngaus.org.

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