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VA's Budget Hangs in the Balance
Contact the Senate Conferees NOW

Our public schools need your help. The VEA is actively pushing communicaiton to the Senate Budget Conferees to expand Medicaid. The General Assembly adjourned today without a budget, so they will need to come back for a Special Session to be called by the Governor.

The budget in Virginia hangs in the balance and it has never been more important to make your voice heard! The VA House and Senate are more than $650 million apart in investing in important programs including our public schools. A committee of six House members and six Senate members will work together to find a compromise. The House expands Medicaid and invests in Virginia's Public Schools; the Senate does not. This will be a difficult budget conference because any compromise will involve deciding whether to expand Medicaid or not. We need to let the Senate Conferees know how important these investments are. Email them NOW and tell them to:

  1. Support Virginia's educators by including a salary increase in the compromise budget. 
  2. Increase targeted investment to high-poverty schools by increasing the at-risk add on.
  3. Make real investments in expanding VA's Pre-School program for at-risk 4-year olds.
  4. Invest in the teacher pipeline by increasing funding for the Teacher Residency programs.
  5. Eliminate the practice of using Lottery dollars to supplant General Fund dollars.
  6. Expand Medicaid so that we can invest in Virginia's vital programs like public education.


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Message Recipients:
The Honorable Stephen D Newman, Senator,  Senate of Virginia
The Honorable Thomas K Norment, Senator,  Senate of Virginia
The Honorable Emmett W Hanger, Senator,  Senate of Virginia
The Honorable Frank M Ruff Jr., Senator,  Senate of Virginia
The Honorable Frank W Wagner, Senator,  Senate of Virginia
The Honorable Richard L. Saslaw, Senator,  Senate of Virginia
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