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Urge Governor McAuliffe to VETO HB1400 HB1605 and SB1283
Vouchers, Charters, and Virtuals Are Bad for Public Schools
Please urge Governor McAuliffe to veto HB1400, Delegate Dickie Bell's Virtual School Bill, HB1605, Delegate LaRock's Educational Savings Account Bill, and SB1283, Senator Obenshain's Regional Charter School Bill.
All three bills divert public dollars away from our public schools with very limited accountability standards to ensure that these public dollars are leading to successful student outcomes or any educational progress. 
HB1400 establishes a Virtual School Board that acts independently of the VA Board of Education and the local school boards. The average share of the state per pupil allocation would follow the student to this "school".
HB1605 establishes a voucher system where state money designated for K-12 would be deposited into a savings account that parents can use to pay for religious, private schools, educational materials, even transportation. In fact, this bill even allows the money in the savings accounts to be used to pay for higher education. 
SB1283 allows the VA Board of Education to establish Charter School Divisions around the state. These divisions would operate charter schools independently of the local school boards. This bill skirts around the Constitution that, right now, grants the authority to establish and maintain public schools to the local school boards. 
All three bills are an attempt to undermine Virginia's system of traditional public schools and we urge Governor McAulifee to veto them all.

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