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Charter School Bills- Vote NO HB2342 and SB1283
Urge Your Legislators to Vote NO
Identical charter school bills are being considered in the House and Senate. HB2342 and SB1283, in an attempt to skirt the VA Constitution, allow the Board of Education to establish Regional Charter Schools as separate school divisions. The "divisions" would be allowed to be formed only from a narrow group of current school localities- more than 3,000 students and with at least one school denied accreditation. In a very creative approach, the patrons of these bills, Delegate Landes and Senator Obenshain, seek to send only state money to these new "divisions". Of course since these "divisions" aren't connected to a local government, there is no local match required. The bills both state that the state may appropriate funding to cover the local share. This would be incredibly expensive for VA, yet, oddly, both bills made it out of the money committees. VEA opposes these bills as they establish a separate charter school division and, while local money doesn't follow the student to his/her new "division", state money is still drained from the public schools. Please urge your legislators to vote NO on HB2342 and SB1283.

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