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Science and Technology Committee
Website: http://virginiageneralassembly.gov/house/members/members.php?committee=H21
Roxann Robinson Del.
Roxann Robinson (REP-VA-27th)
Vice Chair
Dawn Adams Del.
Dawn Adams (DEM-VA-68th)
Republicans (10)
Del. Kathy Byron (REP-VA-22nd)
Del. Dave LaRock (REP-VA-33rd)
Del. Todd Pillion (REP-VA-4th)
Del. Jeff Campbell (REP-VA-6th)
Del. Nicholas Freitas (REP-VA-30th)
Del. Christopher Peace (REP-VA-97th)
Del. Christopher Head (REP-VA-17th)
Del. Emily Brewer (REP-VA-64th)
Del. John McGuire (REP-VA-56th)
Del. Robert Thomas (REP-VA-28th)
Democrats (10)
Del. Vivian Watts (DEM-VA-39th)
Del. Kenneth Plum (DEM-VA-36th)
Del. Alfonso Lopez (DEM-VA-49th)
Del. Marcus Simon (DEM-VA-53rd)
Del. Chris Hurst (DEM-VA-12th)
Del. Hala Ayala (DEM-VA-51st)
Del. Wendy Gooditis (DEM-VA-10th)
Del. Kathy Tran (DEM-VA-42nd)
Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler (DEM-VA-21st)
Del. Danica Roem (DEM-VA-13th)
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