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Commerce and Labor Committee
Website: http://virginiageneralassembly.gov/house/members/members.php?committee=H14
Terry Kilgore Del.
Terry Kilgore (REP-VA-1st)
Vice Chair
Kathy Byron Del.
Kathy Byron (REP-VA-22nd)
Republicans (8)
Del. R. Lee Ware (REP-VA-65th)
Del. Timothy Hugo (REP-VA-40th)
Del. Danny Marshall (REP-VA-14th)
Del. Robert Bell (REP-VA-58th)
Del. Israel O'Quinn (REP-VA-5th)
Del. David Yancey (REP-VA-94th)
Del. Margaret Ransone (REP-VA-99th)
Del. Michael Webert (REP-VA-18th)
Democrats (10)
Del. Jeion Ward (DEM-VA-92nd)
Del. Mark Keam (DEM-VA-35th)
Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (DEM-VA-41st)
Del. Kaye Kory (DEM-VA-38th)
Del. Joseph Lindsey (DEM-VA-90th)
Del. Lamont Bagby (DEM-VA-74th)
Del. David Toscano (DEM-VA-57th)
Del. Steve Heretick (DEM-VA-79th)
Del. Michael Mullin (DEM-VA-93rd)
Del. Jeffrey Bourne (DEM-VA-71st)
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