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Education Committee
Website: http://virginiageneralassembly.gov/house/members/members.php?committee=H09
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R. Steven Landes Del.
R. Steven Landes (REP-VA-25th)
Vice Chair
Richard Bell Del.
Richard Bell (REP-VA-20th)
Republicans (10)
Del. Mark Cole (REP-VA-88th)
Del. Brenda Pogge (REP-VA-96th)
Del. Roxann Robinson (REP-VA-27th)
Del. David Yancey (REP-VA-94th)
Del. Glenn Davis (REP-VA-84th)
Del. James Leftwich (REP-VA-78th)
Del. Dave LaRock (REP-VA-33rd)
Del. Gordon Helsel (REP-VA-91st)
Del. Christopher Collins (REP-VA-29th)
Del. John McGuire (REP-VA-56th)
Democrats (10)
Del. Roslyn Tyler (DEM-VA-75th)
Del. David Bulova (DEM-VA-37th)
Del. Mark Keam (DEM-VA-35th)
Del. Lamont Bagby (DEM-VA-74th)
Del. Jeffrey Bourne (DEM-VA-71st)
Del. Richard Sullivan (DEM-VA-48th)
Del. Chris Hurst (DEM-VA-12th)
Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg (DEM-VA-72nd)
Del. Cheryl Turpin (DEM-VA-85th)
Del. Debra Rodman (DEM-VA-73rd)
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