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Leslie Osborn Rep.
Leslie Osborn (REP-OK-47th)
Vice Chair
Kevin Wallace Rep.
Kevin Wallace (REP-OK-32nd)
Republicans (18)
Rep. John Bennett (REP-OK-2nd)
Rep. Scott Biggs (REP-OK-51st)
Rep. Chad Caldwell (REP-OK-40th)
Rep. Kevin Calvey (REP-OK-82nd)
Rep. Dennis Casey (REP-OK-35th)
Rep. Josh Cockroft (REP-OK-27th)
Rep. Jon Echols (REP-OK-90th)
Rep. Katie Henke (REP-OK-71st)
Rep. John Jordan (REP-OK-43rd)
Rep. Jason Murphey (REP-OK-31st)
Rep. Charles Ortega (REP-OK-52nd)
Rep. Pat Ownbey (REP-OK-48th)
Rep. John Pfeiffer (REP-OK-38th)
Rep. Dustin Roberts (REP-OK-21st)
Rep. Todd Russ (REP-OK-55th)
Rep. Michael Sanders (REP-OK-59th)
Rep. Earl Sears (REP-OK-11th)
Rep. Zack Taylor (REP-OK-28th)
Democrats (7)
Rep. Jason Dunnington (DEM-OK-88th)
Rep. Scott Inman (DEM-OK-94th)
Rep. Steve Kouplen (DEM-OK-24th)
Rep. Ben Loring (DEM-OK-7th)
Rep. Eric Proctor (DEM-OK-77th)
Rep. Shane Stone (DEM-OK-89th)
Rep. Emily Virgin (DEM-OK-44th)
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