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New Hampshire State Legislative Directory
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Transportation Committee
Phone: (603) 271-3565   Committee Website
George Sykes Rep.
George Sykes (DEM-NH-GR13)
Vice Chair
Michael O'Brien Rep.
Michael O'Brien (DEM-NH-HI36)
Democrats (8)
Rep. Skip Cleaver (DEM-NH-HI35th)
Rep. Casey Conley (DEM-NH-ST13th)
Rep. Charlie St. Clair (DEM-NH-BE9th)
Rep. Donovan Fenton (DEM-NH-CH8th)
Rep. Suzanne Vail (DEM-NH-HI30th)
Rep. Nicole Klein (DEM-NH-HI11th)
Rep. Dan Pickering (DEM-NH-HI3rd)
Rep. Cecilia Rich (DEM-NH-ST18th)
Republicans (9)
Rep. Sherman Packard (REP-NH-RO5th)
Rep. Steven Smith (REP-NH-SU11th)
Rep. Larry Gagne (REP-NH-HI13th)
Rep. Brian Chirichiello (REP-NH-RO6th)
Rep. Thomas Walsh (REP-NH-ME24th)
Rep. Karel Crawford (REP-NH-CA4th)
Rep. Tom Laware (REP-NH-SU8th)
Rep. Chris True (REP-NH-RO4th)
Rep. Peter Torosian (REP-NH-RO14th)

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