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New Hampshire State Legislative Directory
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Judiciary Committee
Phone: (603) 271-3184   Committee Website
Marjorie Smith Rep.
Marjorie Smith (DEM-NH-ST6)
Vice Chair
Sandra Keans Rep.
Sandra Keans (DEM-NH-ST23)
Republicans (7)
Rep. Gary Hopper (REP-NH-HI2nd)
Rep. Michael Sylvia (REP-NH-BE6th)
Rep. Ned Gordon (REP-NH-GR9th)
Rep. Jason Janvrin (REP-NH-RO37th)
Rep. Barbara Griffin (REP-NH-HI6th)
Rep. Mark McLean (REP-NH-HI44th)
Rep. Joe Alexander (REP-NH-HI6th)
Democrats (10)
Rep. Paul Berch (DEM-NH-CH1st)
Rep. Timothy Horrigan (DEM-NH-ST6th)
Rep. David Woodbury (DEM-NH-HI5th)
Rep. Debra Altschiller (DEM-NH-RO19th)
Rep. Charlotte DiLorenzo (DEM-NH-RO17th)
Rep. Anita Burroughs (DEM-NH-CA1st)
Rep. Wendy Chase (DEM-NH-ST18th)
Rep. Cam Kenney (DEM-NH-ST6th)
Rep. Diane Langley (DEM-NH-HI8th)
Rep. Deb Stevens (DEM-NH-HI34th)

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