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New Hampshire State Legislative Directory
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Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee
Phone: (603) 271-3369   Committee Website
Ed Butler Rep.
Ed Butler (DEM-NH-CA7)
Vice Chair
Kermit Williams Rep.
Kermit Williams (DEM-NH-HI4)
Democrats (9)
Rep. Ken Gidge (DEM-NH-HI33rd)
Rep. Richard Abel (DEM-NH-GR13th)
Rep. Christy Bartlett (DEM-NH-ME19th)
Rep. Christopher Herbert (DEM-NH-HI43rd)
Rep. Connie Van Houten (DEM-NH-HI45th)
Rep. Kristina Fargo (DEM-NH-ST14th)
Rep. Greg Indruk (DEM-NH-HI34th)
Rep. Garrett Muscatel (DEM-NH-GR12th)
Rep. Joyce Weston (DEM-NH-GR8th)
Republicans (8)
Rep. John Hunt (REP-NH-CH11th)
Rep. Laurie Sanborn (REP-NH-HI41st)
Rep. Jason Osborne (REP-NH-RO4th)
Rep. Michael Costable (REP-NH-RO3rd)
Rep. John Plumer (REP-NH-BE6th)
Rep. Arthur Barnes (REP-NH-RO8th)
Rep. John Potucek (REP-NH-RO6th)
Rep. Mark Warden (REP-NH-HI15th)

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