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Democrats (9)
Rep. Mary Jane Mulligan (DEM-NH-GR12th)
Rep. David Coursin (DEM-NH-RO1st)
Rep. Francesca Diggs (DEM-NH-GR16th)
Rep. Elaine French (DEM-NH-GR14th)
Rep. Gaby Grossman (DEM-NH-RO18th)
Rep. Cassandra Levesque (DEM-NH-ST4th)
Rep. Peter Petrigno (DEM-NH-HI23rd)
Rep. Michelle St. John (DEM-NH-HI27th)
Rep. Safiya Wazir (DEM-NH-ME17th)
Republicans (6)
Rep. Debra DeSimone (REP-NH-RO14th)
Rep. Kimberly Rice (REP-NH-HI37th)
Rep. Linda Camarota (REP-NH-HI7th)
Rep. William Fowler (REP-NH-RO20th)
Rep. Deanna Jurius (REP-NH-BE2nd)
Rep. Josh Yokela (REP-NH-RO33rd)

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