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Resources, Recreation and Development Committee
Phone: (603) 271-3125   Website: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/committees/committeedetails.aspx?id=13
Suzanne Smith Rep.
Suzanne Smith (DEM-NH-GR8)
Vice Chair
Kevin Maes Rep.
Kevin Maes (DEM-NH-GR6)
Democrats (8)
Rep. Judith Spang (DEM-NH-ST6th)
Rep. Henry Parkhurst (DEM-NH-CH13th)
Rep. Yvonne Thomas (DEM-NH-CO3rd)
Rep. Chuck Grassie (DEM-NH-ST11th)
Rep. Patricia Bushway (DEM-NH-RO21st)
Rep. Bruce Cohen (DEM-NH-HI28th)
Rep. Henry Noel (DEM-NH-CO3rd)
Rep. Wendy Thomas (DEM-NH-HI21st)
Republicans (9)
Rep. Andrew Renzullo (REP-NH-HI37th)
Rep. Linda Gould (REP-NH-HI7th)
Rep. James Horgan (REP-NH-ST2nd)
Rep. George Feeney (REP-NH-BE5th)
Rep. Michael Gunski (REP-NH-HI6th)
Rep. Robert Harb (REP-NH-RO14th)
Rep. Deborah Hobson (REP-NH-RO35th)
Rep. Gates Lucas (REP-NH-SU2nd)
Rep. James Whittemore (REP-NH-HI37th)

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