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Professional Registration and Licensing Committee
Website: http://house.mo.gov/Committees.aspx?cluster=true
Robert Ross Rep.
Robert Ross (REP-MO-142nd)
Rnk. Min. Mem.
Jon Carpenter Rep.
Jon Carpenter (DEM-MO-15th)
Vice Chair
Steve Helms Rep.
Steve Helms (REP-MO-135th)
Republicans (8)
Rep. Chrissy Sommer (REP-MO-106th)
Rep. Jeff Porter (REP-MO-42nd)
Rep. Jeff Shawan (REP-MO-153rd)
Rep. Lane Roberts (REP-MO-161st)
Rep. Chris Dinkins (REP-MO-144th)
Rep. James Neely (REP-MO-8th)
Rep. Derek Grier (REP-MO-100th)
Rep. Jeff Coleman (REP-MO-32nd)
Democrats (2)
Rep. Barbara Washington (DEM-MO-23rd)
Rep. Richard Brown (DEM-MO-27th)
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