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 State Legislative:
California - Contact your legislators and urge support for equal access to Special Ed services at charter schools
California - Demand student access and equity at charter schools
California - Urge your Legislator to support accountability and transparency at charter schools
California - Help Kill Bad Bill that Creates Private School with Public Funds
California - Help Kill Bad Bill that Creates Private School with Public Funds
California - Urge your Senator to Support Bill Protecting Immigrant Students
California - Contact your Senator and Urge Support for AB 1164
California - URGENT Call to Action! Oppose AB 1220 Unless Amended
California - Tell Lawmakers No to Diverting Ed Funds from Ed Budget
California - Stop the Teacher Shortage! NO to Extended Probationary Period!
California - Contact your lawmaker today, please! Keep local decisions about charter schools local
California - Ensure Equity and Help Stop Discriminatory Admissions and Discipline Policies
California - Contact your lawmaker today, please! Education bills up for hearing
California - Join Local Presidents' Lobbying Efforts... Virtually!
California - Urge Your Legislators to Stop Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Corporate Charter Schools in CA
Missouri - Contact Your State Representative
Missouri - Contact Your State Senator
Missouri - Ask your Representative to vote No on HB 1413, the Paycheck Bill
Missouri - Please vote "No" on SB 313, the Tuition Tax Credit Bill
Vermont - Tell your legislators to stand strong
Vermont - Stand up for Your Health Care and Collective Bargaining Rights
California - Ask Gov. Brown to sign Bill Granting Maternity Leave to Educators
Vermont - Tell the Governor - Stop Playing Politics with Your Health Care
California - Contact Gov. Brown and Lawmakers and Urge Them to Pass Laws to Create Accountability for ALL Charter Schools
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