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Legislative Alerts and Updates
 State Legislative:
Georgia - Contact Your Members in Congress
Massachusetts - Support fairness for MCCC faculty and staff
Minnesota - Invest in education!
Missouri - Please Vote "No" to Sustain the Veto on HB 1891, the Paycheck Bill
Missouri - Please Vote "No" to Sustain the Veto on HB 1891, the Paycheck Bill
Missouri - Please Vote "No" on HB 1891, the Paycheck Bill
New Hampshire - FMLA Expansion Needs Your Help
Nevada - I support NSEA President Ruben Murillo's letter to Legislators: Keep public money invested in public education
South Dakota - House to Vote on SB 131 and SB 133
South Dakota - Sales Tax Bill Moves to Senate Floor
South Dakota - House Passes HB 1182 - Bill Moves to the State Senate
South Dakota - House of Representatives Expected to Vote on Sales Tax Bil
South Dakota - Governor Proposes Half Penny Sales Tax to Raise Teacher Pay
Virginia - Urgent: Contact Your Delegate and Senator Now
Vermont - Repeal Act 46's Caps - Now!
Wisconsin - Email your state legislators on an issue of your choice
Minnesota - Fix the education bill!
California - Contact Gov. Brown and Lawmakers and Urge Them to Pass Laws to Create Accountability for ALL Charter Schools
New Mexico - Tell Legislators:"No Cuts to Public Schools!"
Minnesota - ECFE and ABE educators deserve due process protections!
Minnesota - Protect transparency, accountability in health insurance bidding
Minnesota - Support quality pre-K for all
Minnesota - Help our schools hire more support staff!
Minnesota - Invest in full-service community schools!
Minnesota - Invest in Education
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