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Legislative Alerts and Updates
Oppose the DC Voucher Program
Cosponsor and support the Improving School Nutrition Training Act
Urge Senators to do their job and fill the Supreme Court vacancy
Allow student loans to be refinanced when interest rates drop
Support high-quality pre-K programs
National Classified School Employee of the Year
Oppose private school vouchers
Fulfill the promise to fund IDEA
Support Increased Investments for Education
Compose your own letter
 State Legislative:
Georgia - Contact Your Members in Congress
Massachusetts - Support fairness for MCCC faculty and staff
Minnesota - Invest in education!
Missouri - Please Vote "No" to Sustain the Veto on HB 1891, the Paycheck Bill
Missouri - Please Vote "No" to Sustain the Veto on HB 1891, the Paycheck Bill
Missouri - Please Vote "No" on HB 1891, the Paycheck Bill
New Hampshire - FMLA Expansion Needs Your Help
South Dakota - House to Vote on SB 131 and SB 133
South Dakota - Sales Tax Bill Moves to Senate Floor
South Dakota - House Passes HB 1182 - Bill Moves to the State Senate
South Dakota - House of Representatives Expected to Vote on Sales Tax Bil
South Dakota - Governor Proposes Half Penny Sales Tax to Raise Teacher Pay
Virginia - Urgent: Contact Your Delegate and Senator Now
Vermont - Repeal Act 46's Caps - Now!
Wisconsin - Email your state legislators on an issue of your choice
Minnesota - Fix the education bill!
New Mexico - Tell Legislators:"No Cuts to Public Schools!"
California - Contact Gov. Brown and Urge Him to Sign AB 709
California - Urge Gov. Brown to Sign Part-time CC Faculty Job security Bill
Minnesota - ECFE and ABE educators deserve due process protections!
Minnesota - Protect transparency, accountability in health insurance bidding
Minnesota - Support quality pre-K for all
Minnesota - Help our schools hire more support staff!
Minnesota - Invest in full-service community schools!
Minnesota - Invest in Education
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