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State Legislation - Hawaii
DOE; Student Instructional Hours
Bill #: SB2139
Year: 2014

Bill Summary:
Description of bill:

Requires all public secondary schools to implement a school year that includes nine hundred ninety student instructional hours beginning with the 2014-2015 school year. Repeals the requirement that by the 2016-2018 school years, all public schools implement a school year of one hundred eighty days and one thousand eighty student instructional hours for both elementary and secondary school grades. Clarifies that the definition of "student instructional hours" shall be determined by the board of education.

Points that can be included in e-mail to legislators:

Teachers care about what is in the best interests of students and what helps students.

HSTA believes quality student instructional time requires preparation, delivery, and assessment that is focused and meaningful to achieve quality student learning and growth.  Further, HSTA believes that quality instruction requires adequate time for teachers to plan, articulate, and collaborate.  As a result, planning and preparation should be embedded in the school day.

Studies show that a simple “one size fits all” allocation of time will not result in mastery learning for most students. Teachers place a value on the process of allowing time to carefully plan lessons, provide quality-teaching time, and time to assess learning.

The legislature must fully fund new school initiatives so students, teachers, and schools can be successful.

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