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Send a message of encouragement to Governor Newsom: Continue Your Support of Students and Public Education
Governor Newsom has been working with parents and educators to bring accountability and transparency to California’s charter schools. Earlier this year, he signed SB 126 into law, which ensures that all charter schools follow state open meetings, open records and conflict of interest laws.
This was an incredible step, but the work is far from over. He and the state Legislature now have an historic opportunity to fix broken charter laws and ensure local school districts have more say in the authorization and renewal of charter school applications.
Please send Gov. Newsom a message now encouraging him to continue his commitment to ending waste, fraud and abuse that is hurting our students.

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As a public school educator who works closely with the students in my community, I ask you to continue your support of students in neighborhood public schools.
We need to put an end to the ongoing waste, fraud and abuse that's hurting our students and bring accountability and transparency to Californiaís charter schools.
This is why a broad coalition of educators, labor partners, parents, students, and community organizations have come together to co-sponsor AB 1505 and AB 1507.
As the legislative session winds down and you engage in discussions with lawmakers around these important bills, please speak up for our students by making sure local communities are able to decide what's best for their students and schools.
AB 1505 provides local school boards the authority to consider the community, programmatic, and fiscal impact of a charter applicant on students in neighborhood public schools when approving charter schools in their communities.
AB 1507 closes a loophole that currently allows a charter school to operate outside of itís authorizing district.
Thank you in advance for hearing us and for your ongoing commitment to students and neighborhood public schools.
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