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Congressional Committees

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Congressional Directory
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Ways and Means Committee
Jeffrey Smith Rep.
Jeffrey Smith (REP-MS-39th)
Vice Chair
John Lamar Rep.
John Lamar (REP-MS-8th)
Republicans (21)
Rep. Donnie Bell (REP-MS-21st)
Rep. Larry Byrd (REP-MS-104th)
Rep. Lester Carpenter (REP-MS-1st)
Rep. Gary Chism (REP-MS-37th)
Rep. Carolyn Crawford (REP-MS-121st)
Rep. Jeffrey Guice (REP-MS-114th)
Rep. Joey Hood (REP-MS-35th)
Rep. Stephen Horne (REP-MS-81st)
Rep. Bill Kinkade (REP-MS-52nd)
Rep. Doug McLeod (REP-MS-107th)
Rep. Ken Morgan (REP-MS-100th)
Rep. Randall Patterson (REP-MS-115th)
Rep. Brent Powell (REP-MS-59th)
Rep. Rob Roberson (REP-MS-43rd)
Rep. Margaret Rogers (REP-MS-14th)
Rep. Ray Rogers (REP-MS-61st)
Rep. Randal Rushing (REP-MS-78th)
Rep. Jody Steverson (REP-MS-4th)
Rep. Thomas Weathersby (REP-MS-62nd)
Rep. Jason White (REP-MS-48th)
Rep. Henry Zuber (REP-MS-113th)
Democrats (9)
Rep. Willie Bailey (DEM-MS-49th)
Rep. Edward Blackmon (DEM-MS-57th)
Rep. Credell Calhoun (DEM-MS-68th)
Rep. D. Stephen Holland (DEM-MS-16th)
Rep. Robert Johnson (DEM-MS-94th)
Rep. Willie Perkins (DEM-MS-32nd)
Rep. Thomas Reynolds (DEM-MS-33rd)
Rep. Omeria Scott (DEM-MS-80th)
Rep. Rufus Straughter (DEM-MS-51st)
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