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As Congress considers reforming the Affordable Care Act (ACA), pharmacy services in Medicaid and Medicare should be protected to ensure beneficiary access to quality and lower-cost care. Community pharmacy can play a key role in ensuring the success of efforts to reform these programs in helping guarantee access to affordable, high-quality care as well as using scarce resources more wisely.  Enhancing access to patient care in communities, through measures like provider status, could be especially beneficial, particularly for patients with chronic conditions.

We will not be able to build support for these critical pro-patient and pro-pharmacy policies without YOUR help! Visit our grassroots website, and by simply typing in your name and address once, you will send a personalized letter to your elected lawmakers in Washington.

We made it EASY to act! Simply scroll this page, enter your contact information, and click "send message" once to generate/send  three individual letters to your 2 Senators and Representative!

A few months ago the community sent nearly 5,000 letters to promote provider status legislation. Join us and make the “NACDS RxIMPACT!” to send even more! Our profession, our industry and our patients are depending on you. If you have any questions about this communication, please contact Heidi Ecker, NACDS Director of Government Affairs and Grassroots Programs via email at or phone at 703/837-4121.

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