RxIMPACT Kit for Action!

This step-by-step fact sheet kit of one-pagers shares the secrets of how bills become law and how you can influence policymaking through effective constituent communication. If you are looking to take action, you won’t want to miss this to-the-point guide that reviews:

(1) the big picture of policymaking and grassroots involvement;
(2) “how to advocate” fact sheet series that showcases sample materials ready for your use.

You might even want to feature a fact sheet on your company intranet one time a month! Just contact RxIMPACT for permission to use the material and we’ll even give you a factsheet ready for you to place your company or organization logo!

“As student pharmacists and soon-to-be practicing pharmacists, it is our responsibility to contribute to the future of our profession.  We need to keep up-to-date on issues and speak up because our leadership will help determine the future of pharmacy and health care.  Through grassroots advocacy, we can effectively inform legislators when certain issues affect our profession, as well as our patients and their constituents.”

Rita Kasliwal, Student Pharmacist, Class of 2010 at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, who regularly participates in pro-pharmacy grassroots activities.

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