What RxIMPACT Can Do for You!

What can RxIMPACT do for you? Plenty! Take a moment to see what we can do to help you stay up to date on policymaking, access policy and advocacy backgrounders, schedule policymaker meetings and organize pharmacy tours. Email RxIMPACT’s Heidi Ecker at Hecker@nacds.org to get your helping hand. Here's a sampling of what we can do for you!

Constructs Articles For Publications:
If you are interested in using our advocacy materials in your next publication or company intranet, please contact RxIMPACT, as we want to be a resource! We are also happy to fulfill company and community requests and will write grassroots-based articles to mobilize your team behind RxIMPACT.

Helps Build Your Team's Grassroots:
Call RxIMPACT for technical assistance on how to involve your employees and/or community in activities to support quality healthcare reform. We'll schedule a verbal audit, review current involvement levels and give expert recommendations to inspire involvement. We'll help you engage your team behind RxIMPACT!

Acts as a Grassroots Training Resource:
The best way to get your team excited about grassroots involvement is to host a face-to-face training program on grassroots. RxIMPACT will construct and present a grassroots training program for employees, pharmacists, and patient communities.

“As healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility to be active in the legislative process that creates the laws guiding the profession of pharmacy and the care that our patients receive. As pharmacy educators, we also have a responsibility to educate our students about the policymaking process that will shape their future.”

R. Pete Vanderveen, PhD, RPh., Dean of the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy.

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