RxIMPACT Pharmacy Tour

Become part of a local effort to educate our nation’s policymakers with a tour of your pharmacy! We’re looking for a ‘few good pharmacies’ to help us show policymakers and their staff, first-hand, the complexities of the pharmacy business. In this program, we’ll identify interested pharmacies in targeted areas, educate respective advocates on timely policy issues and how to effectively communicate to a policymaker on a pharmacy tour and walk you through a an RxIMPACT-organized tour at your pharmacy. We make it easy for you to participate and show off the contribution your pharmacy makes to quality healthcare!

“As a citizen, I had not previously been involved with calling on legislators and sharing my views regarding State or Federal policies. I think it is often convenient to think that "someone else" is speaking up. You learn very quickly that you are, and should be, the "someone else," whether speaking on a private citizen level or corporate level. If we want to see a promising future for pharmacy, we must drive that future.”

Cheryl Hoffer, Director of Government Programs, Managed Healthcare, Medicine Shoppe International, Inc., who actively participates in pro-pharmacy grassroots, and participates in the NACDS Policy Council.

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