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For all of Child Care Aware® of America's campaigns to strengthen the quality of child care, click here.  Each issue follows Child Care Aware® of America's Public Policy Agenda and is accompanied by a one-page brief backgrounder should you wish more information.
In every state, child care can be: hard to find, difficult to afford, and of mediocre quality. State licensing standards vary greatly with few states meeting the most basic standards to ensure that children are safe and learning while in child care.  To read more about child care center standards in your state click here; to read more about family child care home standards in your state, click here We hope you'll use this site to help improve the quality of child care so that all children start school ready to learn and are safe while their parents work.
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1. Join our Action Network and we'll send you important updates regarding our issues and how you can speak out on important issues.

2. Send an email to your elected officials and tell them to pass important legislation that you can follow right here.

  • Tell Congress: All Families Deserve Access to Quality, Affordable Child Care

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    From birth to age 5, children’s brains are developing more quickly than at any other time in life. During this period, children aren’t just learning their letters and numbers; they are also building emotional and social skills. And young children with developed social-emotional skills are more likely to live healthier, successful lives as adults. ...

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