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Issues and Legislation
Current Legislation
S.2400 National Defense Authorization Act for FY2005
S.2290 Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act
S.2095 Energy Policy Act
S.2062 Class Action Fairness Act of 2004
S.2056 Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act
H.R.4614 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act for FY2005
H.R.4613 Department of Defense Appropriations Act for FY2005
H.R.3973 Spending Control Act of 2004
H.R.1731 Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act
H.R.107 Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act
See All Current Legislation
Capitol Hill Basics
Tips about communicating with Members and general information about Hill staffers, the legislative process and more.
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