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'To amend the Tom Osborne Federal Youth Coordination Act to create the White House Office of National Youth Policy to ensure the coordination and effectiveness of services to youth, and for other purposes. '
Bill # H.R.7004
09/23/2008: Referred to the House Committee on Education and Labor.

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Federal Youth Coordination Act of 2008 - Amends the Tom Osborne Federal Youth Coordination Act to establish in the Executive Office of the President the White House Office of National Youth Policy, headed by a Director, to: (1) develop, coordinate, promulgate, oversee the implementation of, and evaluate the National Youth Strategy to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of youth services; (2) review and make recommendations with respect to the budgets for federal youth services to ensure the adequacy of those budgets; (3) coordinate the youth services provided by federal departments and agencies and coordinate federal interagency youth services; (4) consult, coordinate with, facilitate joint efforts among, and support state, local, and tribal governments, nongovernmental entities, and youth, particularly disadvantaged youth, with respect to improving youth services; and (5) make grants and provide training and technical assistance to states to support state Youth Services Coordinating Entities and state Youth Advisory Boards.
Requires the Director to submit to the President and Congress, and make available to the public, a National Youth Strategy that shall set forth a comprehensive plan for that year to improve outcomes for youth in the United States, particularly disadvantaged youth.
Requires coordination of federal departments and agencies with the White House Office.
Places the existing National Youth Development Council within the White House Office to assist the Director by coordinating: (1) the youth services provided by federal departments and agencies; and (2) federal interagency youth services. Requires the Council also to assist in the development, coordination, implementation, evaluation, and promulgation of the Strategy.
Establishes within the White House Office the National Youth Advisory Board.
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