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HERO Transition from Battlespace to Workplace Act of 2015
Bill # H.R.76

Original Sponsor:
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX 18th)

Cosponsor Total: 5
(last sponsor added 04/13/2015)
  5 Democrats
About This Legislation:
1/6/2015--Introduced. Helping to Encourage Real Opportunity for Veterans Transitioning from Battlespace to Workplace Act of 2015 or the HERO Transition from Battlespace to Workplace Act of 2015 Amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow employers a business-related tax credit for $1,000 times the number of veterans (not more than 25 in a taxable year) who begin work resulting from the efforts of a military relations manager. Deems as a reasonable effort of an employer to employ veterans, for purposes of veteran employment and reemployment programs, the designation of an employee as a military relations manager and the use of the military skills translator database (database for assisting veterans in relating military skills, experience, and training to civilian skills, experience, and training). Defines a "military relations manager" as an expert in the process of transitioning from being a member of the Armed Forces to being a civilian and in translating the skills, experience, and training gained in the Armed Forces to skills, experience, and training needed in the private sector. Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to: (1) ensure that the military skills translator database may be used by civilian employers, and (2) conduct outreach to inform civilian employers of such database.
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