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Offshore Drilling Safety Reform

House Roll Call No. 301
112nd Congress, 1st Session

Failed: 176-237 (see complete tally)

House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Ed Markey (D-MA) offered this amendment to H.R. 1229, the so-called Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act, to implement basic offshore drilling safety reforms recommended by the independent commission tasked with investigating the causes of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill and recommending oversight reforms.  The amendment would result in common-sense reforms that still have not been codified into law following the greatest environmental disaster in our nation’s history.  On May 10, the House rejected the Markey amendment by a vote of 176-237 (House roll call vote 301).  YES IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 301
Votes For : 176
Votes Against : 237
Not Voting : 18


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