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Dirty Air Act

Senate Roll Call No. 184
111th Congress, 2nd Session

Rejected: 47-53 (see complete tally)
S.J. Res 26 is Senator Murkowski's Congressional Review Act resolution, which would block all Clean Air Act limits on global warming pollution. This resolution increases our dependence on oil, overturns sound science, endangers public health, and jeopardizes long-overdue action to hold the biggest polluters accountable for their global warming pollution.   The Murkowski resolution seeks to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's scientific finding that global warming pollution threatens public health and welfare. That finding was a result of the landmark 2007 Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, in which the Court ruled that global warming pollutants are covered by the Clean Air Act.   Senator Murkowski's resolution would wreak havoc on the recently finalized national clean cars standards that are supported by labor, industry, and environmentalists alike. Blocking the new cars standard would increase oil consumption by 450 million barrels of oil, according to the EPA, and cost more than $33 billion in lost savings for consumers at the pump.   With an oil disaster of almost unimaginable magnitude unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, Congress should advance the solutions necessary to bring about a clean energy economy. Instead of giving polluters a major pass, the Senate should enact comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that will create jobs, improve America's energy security, and cut dangerous global warming pollution.   LCV urged the Senate to protect public health and the environment and support the transition to a clean energy economy by voting NO on the Murkowski resolution.   The Resolution failed on a vote of 47-53. NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 184
Votes For : 47
Votes Against : 53


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