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Border Fence Amendment
On the Motion
Senate Roll Call No. 172
111th Congress, 2nd Session

Rejected: 45-52 (see complete tally)
The DeMint amendment would require the completion of a 700-mile long fence along the southern border. More than $2.6 billion of taxpayer money has already been used to construct nearly 650 miles of border walls and barriers. While the efficacy of building walls has never even been studied, its impacts have been widely felt. Existing border walls have separated communities and families, cut through significant cultural sites and historic lands, caused damaging floods and erosion, and fractured habitat and migration corridors vital to wildlife pushed to the brink of extinction. These impacts are even more pronounced in light of the inability of a fence to solve our broken immigration system. If Congress perceives that the purpose of border walls is to seal the border from illegal activity, then the program is, and will continue to be, a costly failure.


The amendment failed 45-52. NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 172
Votes For : 45
Votes Against : 52
Not Voting : 3


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