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McConnel Amdt. No. 4720; Of a perfecting nature.
On the Amendment
Senate Roll Call No. 123
110th Congress, 2nd Session

Rejected: 42-56 (see complete tally)
McConnell-Domenici Amdt. No. 4720; With this vote, the Senate rejected an amendment to S. 2284, the National Flood Insurance Act, that would  encourage the use of polluting liquid coal, promote oil shale development that  would deplete Western water resources and threaten wildlife, allow drilling in  the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and open currently protected areas of the  Outer Continental Shelf to offshore drilling.  (05/13/2008, Roll Call No.  123) NO is the pro-environment position.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 123
Votes For : 42
Votes Against : 56
Not Voting : 2


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