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Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA 27th)
8th-term Democrat from California.
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Vote Ratings
112th, 1st Session (2011) 97%
111th Congress (2009-2010) 100%
110th Congress (2007-2008) 94%
109th Congress (2005-2006) 100%
108th Congress (2003-2004) 100%
107th Congress (2001-2002) 95%
106th Congress (1999-2000) 97%
Scorecard Votes
Name of Legislation Voted Score
Passed Regulatory Rollbacks (H.R. 10) 12/07/2011 N
Passed Regulatory Rollbacks (H.R. 3010) 12/02/2011 N
Failed Controlling Aquatic Invasive Species 11/04/2011 Y
Passed Hard Rock Mining 10/26/2011 N
Passed Coal Ash Pollution 10/14/2011 N
Passed Toxic Air Pollution from Boilers 10/13/2011 N
Passed Toxic Air Pollution from Cement Kilns 10/06/2011 N
Passed Assault on the Clean Air Act 09/23/2011 N
Agreed To Gutting Public Health Basis of the Clean Air Act 09/23/2011 N
Agreed To Endangered Species Act 07/28/2011 Y
Passed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline 07/26/2011 N
Failed Environmental Funding 07/25/2011 N
Failed Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 07/15/2011 N
Agreed To Gulf Coast Restoration 07/15/2011 N
Passed Dirty Water Act 07/13/2011 N
Failed Light Bulb Energy Efficiency Standards 07/12/2011 N
Passed Flood Insurance Reform 07/12/2011 Y
Failed Clean Water Protections 07/12/2011 Y
Passed Offshore Drilling Air Pollution 06/22/2011 N
Agreed To Climate Change Adaptation 06/16/2011 N
Agreed To Border Fence Environmental Mitigation 06/02/2011 N
Passed Offshore Drilling Expansion 05/12/2011 N
Passed Weakening Offshore Drilling Oversight 05/11/2011 N
Failed Offshore Drilling Safety Reform 05/10/2011 Y
Passed Global Warming Pollution 04/07/2011 N
Passed Pesticides Pollution 03/31/2011 N
Passed Sweeping Environmental Funding and Policy Assault (H.R. 1) 02/19/2011 N
Failed National Monuments 02/19/2011 N
Agreed To Clean Water Safeguards 02/19/2011 N
Agreed To Florida's Water Quality 02/18/2011 N
Agreed To The Chesapeake Bay 02/18/2011 N
Agreed To Off-Road Vehicles in National Forests 02/18/2011 N
Failed Offshore Drilling Subsidies 02/18/2011 Y
Agreed To Holding Government Accountable 02/18/2011 N
Failed Land & Water Conservation Fund 02/16/2011 N
Passed Energy Efficiency Loan Programs 09/16/2010 Y
Passed Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act of 2010 07/30/2010 Y
Failed Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act of 2010 07/30/2010 N
Passed San Antonio Missions Park Expansion 07/13/2010 Y
Failed Oceanic Acidification Protection 06/09/2010 Y
Passed Home Star Energy Retrofit 05/06/2010 Y
Passed Estuary Protection Program 04/15/2010 Y
Passed Ocean, Coastal, and Watershed Education Act 03/19/2010 Y
Passed Upper Mississippi River Basin Protection Act 03/19/2010 Y
Passed Algal Bloom Reduction 03/12/2010 Y
Passed Protecting the Molalla River 11/19/2009 Y
Passed Chemical Security 11/06/2009 Y
Failed Defunding Environment & Energy Staff 07/16/2009 N
Passed American Clean Energy and Security Act 06/26/2009 Y
Passed Environmental Funding 06/26/2009 Y
Failed Water Resources 06/18/2009 N
Passed Greening Schools 05/14/2009 Y
Passed Budget 04/29/2009 Y
Passed Rare Cat & Dog Conservation 04/21/2009 Y
Failed Undermining Forest Management 03/26/2009 N
Passed Public Lands Protection 03/25/2009 Y
Passed Clean Water Funding 03/12/2009 Y
Passed Clean Energy Recovery 02/13/2009 Y
Passed No Child Left Inside Act of 2008 09/18/2008 Y
Failed Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act 09/17/2008 N
Passed Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act 06/26/2008 Y
Passed The Congressional Budget Resolution 06/05/2008 Y
Passed Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act 05/21/2008 Y
Failed Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act 05/21/2008 N
Failed The Congressional Budget Resolution 05/14/2008 N
Failed Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act 05/06/2008 Y
Passed Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008 04/29/2008 Y
Passed National Landscape Conservation System Act 04/09/2008 Y
Agreed To Pearce of New Mexico Amendment 04/09/2008 N
Passed Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 02/27/2008 Y
Failed Capito of West Virginia Amendment 01/17/2008 ?
Passed Increasing Offshore Drilling 06/29/2006 N
Passed Oil Refineries 06/07/2006 N
Passed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 05/25/2006 N
Agreed To Preventing Offshore Drilling 05/19/2006 Y
Agreed To Clean Water 05/19/2006 Y
Agreed To Tongass Logging Roads 05/19/2006 Y
Agreed To Drilling Royalties 05/19/2006 Y
Agreed To Toxics Release Inventory 05/19/2006 Y
Passed Salvage Logging 05/17/2006 N
Failed Salvage Logging-- Environmental Exemptions 05/17/2006 Y
Passed Low-Income Energy Assistance 03/16/2006 Y
Passed Food Safety 03/08/2006 N
Passed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge III 12/19/2005 N
Passed Public Lands Sell-Off 11/18/2005 N
Passed Air Pollution & Oil Refineries 10/07/2005 N
Passed Endangered Species 09/29/2005 N
Passed Energy Conference Report 07/28/2005 N
Passed CAFTA 07/28/2005 N
Failed Water Projects 07/14/2005 Y
Failed Natural Gas Drilling 05/19/2005 N
Passed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge II 04/28/2005 N
Passed Energy Bill 04/21/2005 N
Failed Natural Gas Facilities 04/21/2005 Y
Failed Environmental Justice 04/21/2005 Y
Failed MTBE Liability 04/21/2005 Y
Failed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge I 04/20/2005 Y
Failed Fuel Economy 04/20/2005 Y
Failed Oil Refineries 04/20/2005 Y
Passed Environmental Funding Cuts 03/17/2005 N
Failed Border Construction Exemption 02/10/2005 Y
Failed Environmental Funding (C) 06/24/2004 N
Failed Environmental Funding (B) 06/24/2004 Y
Failed Yellowstone Snowmobiles 06/17/2004 Y
Failed National Forest Management 06/16/2004 Y
Agreed To Tongass Protections 06/16/2004 Y
Failed Fuel Blends 06/16/2004 N
Passed Oil Refineries 06/16/2004 N
Passed NEPA Limits 06/15/2004 N
Passed National Energy Policy 06/15/2004 N
Failed Scientific Integrity 05/18/2004 Y
Passed Environmental Funding (A) 03/25/2004 N
Failed Clean Water Act Exemptions 11/07/2003 Y
Failed Ozone Pollution 10/30/2003 Y
Passed Offshore Drilling 10/15/2003 Y
Agreed To Bike and Pedestrian Trails 09/04/2003 Y
Failed Delaware Channel Project 07/18/2003 Y
Failed Forest Roadless Rule 07/17/2003 Y
Failed Snowmobiles in Yellowstone 07/17/2003 Y
Failed Forest Management Plans 07/17/2003 Y
Failed Bison in Yellowstone 07/17/2003 Y
Failed Klamath Wildlife Refuge Farming Leases 07/17/2003 Y
Agreed To International Family Planning 07/15/2003 N
Passed Defense Environmental Exemptions 05/21/2003 N
Passed Forest Fire Policy 05/20/2003 N
Failed Forest Fire Policy 05/20/2003 Y
Passed Energy Plan 04/11/2003 N
Failed Arctic Drilling 04/10/2003 Y
Agreed To Arctic Drilling 04/10/2003 N
Failed Oil Savings 04/10/2003 Y
Failed Anti-Environmental Riders 02/13/2003 Y
Passed Trade and Environment 07/27/2002 N
Failed Right to Know 07/26/2002 Y
Failed Klamath Farming Leases 07/17/2002 Y
Agreed To CA Coastal Drilling 07/17/2002 Y
Passed Defense Environmental Exemptions 05/09/2002 N
Passed Yucca Mountain 05/08/2002 N
Failed Farm Conservation II 05/02/2002 Y
Passed Farm Conservation I 04/18/2002 Y
Passed Fast Track 12/06/2001 N
Failed Farm Conservation 10/04/2001 Y
Passed National Energy Policy 08/02/2001 N
Failed Arctic Drilling 08/01/2001 Y
Agreed To Arctic Drilling 08/01/2001 N
Failed Fuel Economy 08/01/2001 Y
Failed EPA Enforcement 07/27/2001 Y
Agreed To Arsenic 07/27/2001 Y
Agreed To Great Lakes Drilling 06/28/2001 Y
Agreed To Hardrock Mining 06/21/2001 Y
Agreed To Gulf Drilling 06/21/2001 Y
Agreed To Monuments Drilling 06/21/2001 Y
Failed Energy Efficiency 06/21/2001 N
Agreed To Family Planning 05/16/2001 N
Failed Superfund Exemption 09/26/2000 N
Failed International Family Planning 07/13/2000 Y
Failed Wild Predator Control 07/11/2000 Y
Failed Delaware River Dredging 06/27/2000 Y
Agreed To Global Climate Change 06/26/2000 Y
Agreed To Air Right to Know 06/21/2000 N
Failed Clean Water 06/21/2000 Y
Failed National Monuments 06/15/2000 N
Failed Columbia Basin Land Management 06/15/2000 N
Failed Timber Sale Subsidies 06/14/2000 N
Failed Utah Wilderness 06/07/2000 N
Passed Land Conservation Funding 05/11/2000 Y
Passed Nuclear Waste 03/22/2000 N
Passed Takings 03/16/2000 N
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